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Learning to fly canopies is a very serious decision.  It could forever change the way you look at the sky, maybe even life itself.  The risk is dire as with any aviation endeavor.  We treat your instruction with great care and professionalism, constantly evaluating the student to achieve desired and consistent results.  It shows in our students.  Bring your skills to the next level and do it under the guidance of a true professional instruction.  

Tackle The Flying you want with one of our ratings Courses. We will take your skill to the next level.​

Paragliding Rating's

Learn to fly with skill and test that skill with one of the USHPA 'P' rating's

Speed Flying  Rating's

The exciting new sport of Speed Flying is the fasted growing air sport.  Learn from some of the best and proven instruction in the world. 

 Lesson package if you want to learn both Paragliding and Speed Flying 


Fly Canopies 970guides

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Checkout What People Say About Us

Douglas is the most patient, observant, and energetic paragliding and speed flying instructor you will find.  He is able to adapt his teaching style to the individual student. He puts in the time and work, on and off the hill.  His priority to grow the sport with safe, knowledgeable students.

~Derek Vanboeschoten