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Speed Flying

P-1.                               $800

Start your path to free flight here.  Take a three day course to get a feel for flying yourself.  Before you know it you’ll be soaring with the birds!

P-2                                             $2300

Earn your solo novice rating with us!    Receive 10 days of instruction, hours of classroom and simulator time.

P-3                                             $800

This three day course is for pilots the intermediate pilot.  Access more of the USHPA sites and make sure your ready to face anything the air throws your way!

S-1​                                        $800

This 3 day course get's you started on the path to Speed Flying!  New to USHPA we are proud to be one of the stand out Speed Fly schools in the country for over 8 years now.  Demo's included.

S-2                                           $2300

Your solo novice rating to access the many USHPA sites around the country.  10 Days of radio'd instruction, 10 Hours of classroom and simulator time.

S-3                                             $800

A intermediate course for the speed pilot who is starting to gain some skill.  This is a three day course

Day Lessons

Day Lessons start at $285 per session.  May be a group up to 4. 

Demo gear is availible for pilot's on a first come first serve basis.  

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