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Ski Tour Training

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

Touring 101:

For those looking to learn more about safely walking for your turns, make things a little easier on yourself, touring is hard enough! I am offering a intro to touring class that will set a foundation of skills you can enjoy for a life time. Equipment consultation, novice techniques, and snow safety are included in this course. This class is in the field and requires you have the equipment to tour. Ski's with AT bindings, skins, avalanche beacon, shovel, probe, and a pack to carry these items.

Touring Trips:

Field trips using your new foundation of skill and dialing in the gear so things are more fluid. Moving in the mountains gracefully and with ease is part practice of skill and part 'art'. I say the 'art' part because as the skill becomes ingrained the skier can start to enter a state of mind called 'flow'. Pain is felt less, seemingly impossible problems become easy, and skill blossoms to a new level. Call now and let's go skiing!

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