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P-2/ M-1 Lesson package available:

Get speed flying the right and safe way by combining your P2 training with a M sign off.



This gives you 10 days of flight instruction, P1, P2 and M1 tests.  10 hours classroom time.  Discounted additional days if needed.

New to free flight?  We can take you all the way from never ever to performance flying small canopies.  Call Now!

Learning to fly canopies is a very serious decision.  It could forever change the way you look at the sky, maybe even life itself.  The risk is dire as with any aviation endeavor.  We treat your instruction with great care and professionalism, constantly evaluating the student to achieve desired and consistent results.  It shows in our students.  Bring your skills to the next level and do it under the guidance of a true professional instruction.  Book now!

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